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Top Secret by Couture Writes. As you know, Chasti-Permalock is a global operation, supplying secured nanite endowed humans to wealthy people around the world.. Women of Chasti-Permalock by Ronnie of Borg. The Women of ChastiPermalock: Sam and Kendra . Welcome to our informal series, The Women of ChastiPermalock.. I've been fortunate over the years to find a few authors of like mind who can write coherently and have made efforts to meet them face to face when .... Home; The Hotel Vault – home of all Deborah Ford’s Stories. The Hotel Transform; The Hotel Chapter One; The Office Dupe Part 1 ***** Property of Harding Ltd. *****. This is homage to Tafod Arian who wrote some wonderful stories then appeared to vanish. The two stories I have posted here fit neatly into the genre of The Hotel .... Big archive of corset information. Almost daily updates with news related to corsets..

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