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http mol gov sa services inquiry nonsaudiempinquiry aspx in english

Maktab Amal Chak Iqama Open This Link المملكة العربية السعودية, وزارة العمل ... يمكنك البحث بواحد او اكثر من مجموعات البحث التالية. National Library of Medicine's medline and pre-medline database.. TwitMail, The easiest way to share emails on Twitter ... نطاقات وزارة العمل + معرفة نطاق شركتك. Report email. ... Sa Majesté La Reine ... ... .... This site is currently unavailable. If you are the owner of this site, please contact us at 1-480-505-8855 at your earliest convenience.. Click on the following link. . Once the page opens, select your nationality in the drop-down menu.. As most of the government sites are in Arabic, we show how you can access these sites even if you do not know Arabic. First of all you need to download Google Chrome.. اردو نیوز سعودی عرب پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں. Saudi Ministry of Labor introduced Nitaqat system to give a boost to Saudiazation program. Purpose is to make private firm hire more and more Saudis..

Check Your Saudi Iqama-Company, Sponser Status online (RED / YELLOW / GREEN)? Follow the below step . Click this link .... Pooja: Hi, Put ur Iqama no. in 2nd Box. and click ok then traslate the arabic word in the bottom ' احمر ' Dexter Panganiban. Dexter is a person who loves technology, new gadget, SEO, Social Media, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and Investment. Follow him at twitter via @techathand .... New Saudization program. RIYADH: The Ministry of Labor announced Saturday full details of its new Saudization program for private sector companies that classifies .... To Assist the Trucking Industry in Living a Healthier Lifestyle, We Created the Lean for Life® On-the-Road Program Professional truck drivers are one of the least .... To check on your traffic violation/s in Saudi Arabia, Here are the steps : • Go to and choose ‘English’ from upper left corner. Expatriates in Saudi Arabia can obtain an exit-reentry visa for a single trip by mobile phone via SMS. This first-of-its-kind e-service for expatriates is being .... Since new nitaqat system is implemented, every expat in Saudi Arabia wants to know the category/status of his sponsor. whether its green, red or yellow as effects .... Some aspects of an expatriate's life in Saudi Arabia. Some descriptions of how to get different things done.. I have come back from Saudi Arabia before 4 months. My Iqama was expired before 1 year. My Kafeel first gave me Huroob then after 1 year he gave me ...

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